JUNE 2020

What do you notice first about this picture? Gorgeous girl, warm and sparkling smile, clean white sands of the Florida beach...


How does this picture make you feel? Happy, welcomed, seen, inspired... 


In this picture, I saw the heart of Aly’s fitness brand. Bringing that vision to life together brought us both so much joy. 

When I created Aly’s color palette, I started with the most “alive” picture of her; a picture that screams “This is Aly and she is in her element!” Then I pulled colors directly from the picture. 

Now that we had colors that were in alignment with the heart of her brand, it was time to put together a mood board


Aly told me she wanted her audience to feel special, confident, empowered, heard when they interacted with her. So every design detail had to create that exact environment for her audience to feel that way. 


I included pops of color, handwritten text, inspiring progress pics, clean site layouts, and a few of her most welcoming pictures to give her an idea of the brand we were creating!

Aly trains men and women, so I wanted her to have a strong, clean, gender-neutral logo!

Finally, I created a branding brief for Aly to refer back to when she creates her content!

Then, I showed Aly her branding:

"I'm giddy with excitement! Everything looks amazing! So much talent, Anna!"

aly gray

Now that I knew we were fully in alignment with the vision for her brand, it was time to create an online environment for her audience to interact with that brand


header image

This image introduces all of our brand colors

Her Offers

We touched on her "why" in her bio - now we share what she does!

FREEBIE Download

We offered free value, while building her email list! 


We invited her audience to connect with her on a personal level!

We Introduced ALY To Her AUDIENCE

The more personal the better. No stuffy site text here!


We directed her audience to her #1 offer!

Branded Video

Adding a video added life and personality to her page!

I wanted guests to easily make a purchase. In two clicks, they could arrive at this checkout page.

The site was done! Now it was time to show Aly...


She loved it.

"You girlfriend, are such an angel, and have made this process stress free for me (who’s always stressing haha) thank you for being such a positive light and spreading happy vibes from all over the US! Big hugs!"

aly gray

Are you ready for the Femme Fatale Experience?